Bad refrigerator inverter board symptoms

An inverter compressor might start malfunctioning, and the overall output of the equipment would be affected. No machinery starts working poorly out of a sudden. The issue begins as a minor one. It is better to root out the problem from the start. Here is a guide to what symptoms you can look out for.
What is a refrigerator inverter board, and how does it work?

When an inverter compressor is installed in a device, the compressor inverter board controls the compressor. The inverter controls the speed of the motor and regulates the temperature. The inverter compressor units have a variable frequency drive, also called the inverter drive. This drive works to alter the speed of the electric motor that is rotating.

Thus the compressor works by controlling the heating or cooling output of the system. The drive works by converting the incoming current and producing the draft of the required frequency. This technology helps in making the units quiet and lowering the operating cost.

Reasons of malfunction of inverter compressor
When an inverter is not functioning normally, energy loss and financial loss of great magnitude can occur. An inverter board can stop working or work abnormally due to any of the following common reasons.
Improper installation

When the inverter is installed without a proper guide and instructions in the user manual are not followed, problems occur in installing the inverter compressor.
Inappropriate cable selection
It is advised to install the cable after the recommendation of professionals.
Inappropriate gauges and inline fuses
The wrong choice in the selection leads to the hard-working of the compressor inverter board, and the whole system’s work is affected.

Symptoms of poor functioning
When the inverter board of a refrigerator does not work as it should, it could spoil the food present in the fridge due to insufficient cooling capacity or supply.

1.The inverter is unable to turn on.

The first and most common symptom is that the light of the inverter is blinking or it is not turning on at all. This means the inverter isn’t supplying the power to the compressor.

2.There is no cooling
Sometimes the compressor is off, but both fans are running. No cooling is produced in this case. It might be due to a fault in the motherboard, compressor, or start-relay. If the relay is working right, the board is malfunctioning, and you can start by repairing the solder joint.

3.A clicking sound is made.
The main board produces a clicking sound, and you can tell that the board is faulty.

4.Defrost problem
The ice will melt at first and then refreeze. This is also an inverter board mismanagement issue.

5.Noisy fan motor
The fan motor, while moving, may generate lots of unpleasant and loud noises. It is a clear symptom that the inverter compressor is not working.

6.The evaporator fan is not working.
When you use the equipment, the light goes dim, and then the fan stops working. It is a defect in resistor or capacitor, i.e., and their quality is poor.

7.Wide temperature variation
Wide temperature variation occurs when thermistors are not working, and a temperature variation between melting and refreezing is observed.

Bad inverter board problems can be resolved by replacing the board but first, perform some tests to confirm whether the problem is in the inverter or not.

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