How Does The Oven Temperature Sensor Work?

The oven is a commonly used electric appliance for baking purposes. The heat generated inside the oven compartment cooks or bakes the food as you desire. The temperature at which you are baking can be adjusted, along with the time and heating regions. Different components are installed inside the oven to perform their respective functions.

One such part is a heating thermostat that works to control the temperature. We’ll be discussing this in detail so you can completely understand the heating mechanism of the oven.

What is a temperature sensor?

The thermostat works as an oven temperature sensor, which performs the task of heating control. It is an electrochemical switch that listens to your command and heats the oven according to it. When the oven is hot enough, the thermostat senses it and maintains the temperature in that desired setting. Hence the job of heating the oven is performed by a thermostat.

Working of oven temperature sensor

The oven or stove thermostat works to ensure even heating inside the system. When the bakers have to bake anything in the oven, they preheat the oven. The preheating is done by setting a temperature on the oven and heating it to that temperature. When the temperature inside the oven reaches that optimum value, the preheating cycle is complete, and the temperature is maintained at that certain level. Then the actual baking process begins by setting a new temperature and placing the food to be baked inside the oven. The preheating adjusts the temperature well, so baking is done quickly.

Now how does the temperature adjustment works? This is all performed by the thermostat. It consists of a temperature-sensitive probe that measures the heat inside the oven. The temperature sensor alters the resistance of the sensor depending upon ambient temperatures. There is temperature control which is connected to the sensor through electrical wiring.

Whenever the resistance in the sensor changes, the temperature control reads it and opens or closes the relay fitted inside, which turns the heating system inside the oven on and off.

Why is a thermostat important?

To maintain temperature mechanisms and regulate the heating cycles of the oven, the thermostat plays an important role. Appliances with good quality thermostats show efficient performance. Due to their significant part, many new thermostats with lots of modifications are developed.

What are some temperature sensor problems?

If your oven is not working properly, your first idea may be that the heating system is dysfunctional. To test your doubts, perform temperature sensor testing. The thermostat is an electric component, so it is common for it to show some technical problems like

  1. It can’t detect the accurate temperature of the oven.
  2. The oven might not be heating properly.
  3. Disrupted regulation of circuit.
  4. Damaged conducting wire.

Bottom line

The role of thermostat heating in an oven is very prominent since the working principle depends on the thermostat. If your oven is not heating up properly and there are problems with temperature adjustment, you should look out for the thermostat if it isn’t going well.

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