How To Diagnose Defective Washing Machine Door Lock /Switch?


We wear clothes and then do the laundry when they get dirty. Washing machines play an essential role in this regard. They make it easy to wash clothes, contrary to traditional ways of washing clothes.


But some common problems like jamming of the washing machine door lock and malfunctioning of the washing machine are also associated with it. Washing machines use powder or liquid detergent with a combination of water that rotates inside the machine and helps clean the clothes.


Diagnosing defective washing machine door switch /lock

The washing machine should switch on when it is plugged into the socket. The timer is set, and then it is allowed to rotate. If it does not do so, there may be some flaw in the electrical circuit. If it does not power on, it may be diagnosed with a defective washing machine switch.


The switch may be impaired and broken and need to be repaired. Also, check the fuse, and if it is also damaged, replace it. The washing machine door lock may also be faulty. Its handle might be broken, or water spills out on the floor through a defective washing machine door lock. In this case, you need to make sure the door is locked firmly.


Reasons for defective washing machine door lock

Whenever we use some product or an electrical appliance, we encounter defects. The washing machine door lock is also one of them. People get annoyed when the door is not opening. The reason for it may be the faulty or blocked pressure system preventing the door from opening.


Sometimes the pressure switch won’t reset, which does not release pressure in the washer, and the door remains jammed. Another reason for it may be the jamming of interlocks, and the cause for this defect is usually water left in the machine, which is not adequately drained. The door handle or catch mechanism which opens the door is generally broken or malfunctioning and restricts the washing machine door to unlock.





Methods to fix the washer door lock

When we get sick, we usually take antibiotics, and if the sickness prevails, we consult the doctor. The same is the case with washing machines. We can fix the defective washing machine door lock on our using the following methods:

  • The door will not open if something is blocking the drain. Running a drain cycle will be effective as water will be drained completely, allowing the door to open.
  • The defective washing machine door lock won’t open if its handle is broken or loose. You will have to use a wire and pull it sideways gently and firmly. This way, you can release the door catch and open the door.
  • Thermal locks expand and won’t open quickly. For this, you have to unplug the machine and wait for 5 minutes; then, you can open the door.



It is necessary to repair defective washing machines and avoid any mishap. We know that these machines differ in model, but the methods as mentioned earlier can be applied for lousy washing machine repair. If they do not help, you might want to consult a technician.

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