How To Know If My Washer Drain Pump Is Defective



We all need to wash our clothes, and this is where washing machines come in handy. A good washing machine does not create problems rather works properly. If your washing machine does not perform well, there might be some problems with it.

  • The washing machine won’t start, and the reason for this may be a broken or loose switch.
  • The washing machine door may be jammed, and the reason for this may be the broken catch or handle.
  • Another problem you might face is that the washer drain pump has become defective and is not draining water properly. Something could be jamming it, or it is shot.


Washing Machine Drain Pump


The washing machine drain pump can be located at the bottom of the washing machine, and its main function is to evacuate the water from the washing machine. The pump sends the water into the hose to be drained away. If the washing machine cannot remove the water, there is a good chance that your washer drain pump might have become defective.


Reasons for Defective Washing Machine Drain Pump


A defective drain pump means that the water will be clogged in it, and you will not be able to drain your washer properly. Blockings usually occur in washing machines, and therefore you need to check the washer drain hose or pump filter. There might be some obstruction preventing the water from draining out and not allowing the washer pump to operate.


To see if your washer drain pump is broken, here are some reasons:

  • You cannot hear the drain pump when it drains the water.
  • You can listen to a low sound, but the water is not draining out.


As drain pump is an electronic device and runs with the help of a motor, therefore:

  • The impeller of the pump can undergo mechanical failure due to clogging.
  • The pump seal can cause it to fail.
  • The engine of the washer pump is experiencing electronic loss.


You can also check with the washer drain hose to see if your pump is defective or not. If you doubt that your washer drain hose is clogged, there is a simple technique you can apply to check if it is blocked or not. For that, you have to detach the drain hose from the washer and make sure it is clear. You can do that by blowing air into the hose pipe, and if the air does not block, it is obvious that your washer drain pump is the one causing the problem.


Fixing the Washing Machine Drain Pump


The washing machine drain pump is an important component of the machine, and it needs to be taken care of when it starts being problematic. You can either call a technician or fix it yourself when replacing the pump. You will have to buy a pump from the market of your washer model. You will need some tools like screwdrivers and pliers.


Then drain any water from the washer and remove the top and rear panels. Then remove the defective pump and replace it with a new one. Assemble the washer, and you are good to go.

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