Where can I find the model number of my appliance?

Are you in search of a part of your home appliances that might have stopped working? Is the handle on the appliances or some gasket of your electronics failing? The best option in this situation is to replace that part, and for that, you are going to have the appliance model number. Here are a few areas where you can look to find your appliance's model number.

Many ovens, refrigerators, microwaves, and dishwashers have the model number on the doors. Open the doors and look around in the door frame. The appliance model number will often be on the plate against the frame. Write this all down and take a picture, and you are on your way to look for your unit's proper replacement parts.

The model number will appear on the paper sticker or a metal plate in areas that are rather easy to find. Looking for the model number from your appliances may be very simple if you have bought a new appliance. But it might get a bit hard if you have older devices and appliances. The model number may get worn off, or it's just hard to find. Manufacturers have always been a lot more helpful in placing the model numbers in areas that are easily locatable for the consumers.

To find the model number of my appliance, you can look for numbers that look like 101505400 or a combination of numbers and letters LAT1000AAE. Your appliance's model number may look very similar to the sample listed before.

Where to find the model number of my appliance?
A model number may also be found on the guide or manual you get when buying your appliance. Be very careful as this may sometimes result in incorrect parts. A guide or manual is often produced to include many different models. It won't tell you which one of the models yours is. There may be different parts of these different models. Model numbers on the manuals and guides are mostly incomplete as well. You might not have accurate information about your appliance.

EAP also suggests locating your model number from your appliance to ensure the right parts.

Series Numbers:
Most manufacturers also make models throughout the production line that can sometimes be sued for a model in different parts. A series number might show a change in the line of products from the original appliance produced. For example, a motor might be changed in mid-year, which may mean that a different wiring harness should be used.

If your revision number isn't on the tag of your appliances, it is okay. You may also use the very first two digits of your serial number. The correct part for you is the part with the serial number closest to your series number but not beyond it.

For example, your serial number is 11493815AB. You have got the series of 11, which is true for the rest of the series.

Where can I find parts of my appliances?
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