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AlorAir 720CFM IP55 Rated High Flow Crawl Space Ventilation Fan, 10" Vent Fan with Humidistat, Dehumidistat, Freeze Protection Thermostat for Garage, Basements w/ Isolation Mesh

AlorAir 720CFM IP55 Rated High Flow Crawl Space Ventilation Fan, 10" Vent Fan with Humidistat, Dehumidistat, Freeze Protection Thermostat for Garage, Basements w/ Isolation Mesh

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The Ventripro 720 is a powerful 10-inch bladed fan that produces an impressive 720 CFM of airflow that can cool and ventilate rooms up to 7400 cubic feet. It's perfect for finishing your basement, attic, garage, or any other space that needs better air circulation - an ideal way to control temperature and humidity!  

Highlights: IP55/ Isolation Mesh/ Anti-freeze Thermostat/ 2 Years Warranty

AlorAir 720 CFM Crawl Space Ventilation Fan
The VentirPro 720 features a 10-inch, five-blade veteran fan that produces 720 CFM of airflow, covering rooms up to 7,400 cubic feet in volume. Not only does this unit provide excellent airflow, but it also has a built-in dehumidifier that keeps humidity levels in basements, warehouses and crawlspaces at optimal levels. In addition, the anti-freeze thermostat prevents the fan from failing when the outdoor temperature drops below 1.7°C, saving you hassle and maintenance costs. We have also added a protective grille against crawling animals for added safety and comfort in your home.


·Knob control panel, easy to set humidity for running
·Built-in dehumidifier to assist in reducing humidity levels
·Works automatically based on the humidity level you set
·Equipped with an anti-freeze thermostat to detect the outdoor temperature, the dehumidifier will not operate when the temperature falls below 35°F/1.7°C.
·Suitable for reducing humidity in your space from 5600-7400CU.FT
·IP55 rated ventilation fan (dust and splash proof)
·Galvanized mounting bracket, sturdy and durable
·After installation, panels can be trimmed to match non-standard base openings
·Thoughtful addition of isolation mesh to prevent crawlers from entering and affecting the operation
·Adjustable humidity range of 5%-80% RH to meet different environmental needs
·6 ft long power cord


Control impurities – The air inside can be more polluted than the air outside. Our ventilation fan creates a powerful ventilation system that will help expel a build-up of pollutants, bacteria, moisture, and unpleasant odors.

Reduce humidity - Extreme humidity means walls can flake paint and get damaged. It also causes mold to build up and is harder to remove. One of the most significant advantages of exhaust fans is that they allow for less humidity.

Guard Health - Often, aggressive chemicals are used to clean spaces and these chemicals can cause health problems when inhaled. This can become a serious problem, especially for children and the elderly. If the bathroom is already facing some kind of mold problem, the blades can also remove any spores that have built up in the air. It also helps slow the growth of mold.

Protecting belongings - Many people store their belongings in the attic, but this area of the home can get very hot and humid. When you run an exhaust fan to protect your boxes, you don't have to waste the energy of an air conditioning unit to cool an unoccupied space. An attic exhaust fan also protects the insulation so that you can worry less about cold winter air seeping inside.


Power 68 W
Operating Voltage 115 V/ 60 Hz
Current 0.7 A
Airflow 720 CFM
Size For 5600-7400 Cu.Ft
Noise Level <55 dBA
Weight 8 lbs
Shipping Weight 10 lbs
Cord 6 ft
Functioning Temperature Range 35-158 °F
Functioning Humidity Range 5~80%
Dimensions (L x W x H) 16.5 x 11.1 x 4.1 in
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