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Whirlpool Microwave Magnetron Assy - 10QBP0230, Replaces: WP10794402

Whirlpool Microwave Magnetron Assy - 10QBP0230, Replaces: WP10794402

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Whirlpool Microwave Magnetron Assembly - 10QBP0230-ER


  • Unplug the Appliance before installing this part
  • A brand-new replacement part in its original packaging


  • Microwave Magnetron


  • Whirlpool
  • Roper
  • Admiral
  • Maytag
  • Hardwick
  • Jenn-Air
  • Estate
  • Magic Chef
  • Crosley
  • Inglis
  • Norge
  • Modern Maid
  • Amana
  • Kenmore
  • Kitchen-Aid
  • Caloric
  • Ikea


  • 10QBP0230 
  • WP10794402
  • 10794402
  • 10QBP0229
  • 10QBP0230
  • 2M107
  • 2M107A
  • 2M107A304
  • 2M107A-304
  • 2M158JF
  • 2M167A
  • 2M167B
  • 2M170-26
  • 2M172AJ
  • 2M172AJA
  • 2M172AJ[L1]
  • 2M172J
  • 2M172JA
  • 2M210J
  • 2M226J
  • A2231129
  • C8761701
  • C8761713
  • C8761717
  • L0M57D36
  • LOM57D36
  • LOM57D37
  • R0156818
  • R0157374
  • R0157453
  • R0713501
  • R0713532
  • WB27M319
  • WB27M339
  • WB27M64
  • WB27X460
  • WB27X5142
  • WB27X5334
  • WB27X5387
  • WB27X582
  • C8761715
  • Y0089934
  • Y0311704


  • CRMC-20B (BOM: P7413005M)
    CRR1220 (BOM P7633303M)
    CRR1220 (BOM: P7633303M)
    CRR-1225 (BOM: P7633304M)
    CRS30 (BOM: P7707508M)
    CRS40 (BOM: P7707509M)
    CRS414T (BOM: P7769504M)
    CRS457P (BOM: P7769505M)
    CRS470P (BOM: P7769506M)
    CRS471P (BOM: P7769512M)
    CRS50 (BOM: P7707510M)
    EMR3 (BOM: P7369003M)
    MPS22510 (BOM: MN02)
    MPS22910 (BOM: MN01)
    MRR-1000 (BOM: P8551401S)
    MRR-1000 (BOM: P8551402S)
    MRR1000W (BOM: P8551404S)
    MVH120E (BOM: P1195203M)
    MVH200E (BOM: P1119101M)
    MVH220E (BOM: P1195204M)
    MVH220W (BOM: P1195205M)
    MVH320E (BOM: P1195206M)
    MVH320L (BOM: P1195208M)
    MVH320W (BOM: P1192507M)
    MW41 (BOM: P7733214M)
    MW41 (BOM: P7766511M)
    MW43 (BOM: P1104410M)
    MW56 (BOM: P7733215M)
    MW56 (BOM: P7766512M)
    MW58 (BOM: P1104411M)
    MW72 (BOM: P7766539M)
    MWT4461D (BOM: P1195201M)
    MWT4461WW (BOM: P1195202M)
    NB160A (BOM: P1140901M)
    R311T (BOM P1104403M)
    R311T (BOM: P1104403M)
    R311T (BOM P1110201M)
    R311T (BOM: P1110201M)
    R321T (BOM P1104404M)
    R321T (BOM: P1104404M)
    R321T (BOM P1110202M)
    R321T (BOM: P1110202M)
    R341P (BOM P1104406M)
    R341P (BOM: P1104406M)
    R351P (BOM P1104407M)
    R351P (BOM: P1104407M)
    R361P (BOM P1104408M)
    R361P (BOM: P1104408M)
    R371P (BOM P1104409M)
    R371P (BOM: P1104409M)
    R-3 (BOM: P7338901M)
    R51 (BOM: P7311704M)
    R51 (BOM: P7399102M)
    RC16SE (BOM P1104109M)
    RC16SE (BOM: P1104109M)
    RC16SE (BOM P1104112M)
    RC16SE (BOM: P1104112M)
    RCS700 (BOM P7715401M)
    RCS700 (BOM: P7715401M)
    RCS700 (BOM P7715409M)
    RCS700 (BOM: P7715409M)
    RCS810BL (BOM P1152805M)
    RCS810BL (BOM: P1152805M)
    RCS810LW (BOM P1152806M)
    RCS810LW (BOM: P1152806M)
    RCS810LW (BOM P1152807M)
    RCS810LW (BOM: P1152807M)
    RCS810LW (BOM P1152808M)
    RCS810LW (BOM: P1152808M)
    RCS820BL (BOM P1140405M)
    RCS820BL (BOM: P1140405M)
    RCS820LW (BOM P1140407M)
    RCS820LW (BOM: P1140407M)
    RCS820LW (BOM P1140409M)
    RCS820LW (BOM: P1140409M)
    RCS820MPB (BOM P1140406M)
    RCS820MPB (BOM: P1140406M)
    RCS820MPLW (BOM P1140408M)
    RCS820MPLW (BOM: P1140408M)
    RCS820MPLW (BOM P1140410M)
    RCS820MPLW (BOM: P1140410M)
    RCS820MPS (BOM: P1140406M)
    RCS850MPB (BOM: P1158103M)
    RCS850MP (BOM: P1158101M)
    RCS850MP (BOM: P1158102M)
    RFS58MP (BOM: P1119201M)
    RFS58MP (BOM: P1119204M)
    RFS6 (BOM P7715402M)
    RFS6 (BOM: P7715402M)
    RFS6 (BOM P7715407M)
    RFS6 (BOM: P7715407M)
    RFS6 (BOM P7715408M)
    RFS6 (BOM: P7715408M)
    RMC-20B (BOM: P7413003M)
    RR1020 (BOM: P7660601M)
    RR-10 (BOM: P7307103M)
    RR-10 (BOM: P7307105M)
    RR1220 (BOM: P7633301M)
    RR-1225 (BOM: P7633302M)
    RR54D (BOM: P7338701M)
    RR56 (BOM: P7311603M)
    RR-7 (BOM: P7324501M)
    RR-7 (BOM: P7324502M)
    RR-7D (BOM: P7330701M)
    RR-7D (BOM: P7330702M)
    RR-8 (BOM: P7291001M)
    RR-8 (BOM: P7291003M)
    RR920 (BOM: P7660501M)
    RR920 (BOM: P7660502M)
    RR-9 (BOM: P7211007M)
    RR-9 (BOM: P7324601M)
    RR-9 (BOM: P7324602M)
    RR-9T (BOM: P7354101M)
    RRH-10 (BOM: P7386301M)
    RS30 (BOM P7733201M)
    RS30 (BOM: P7733201M)
    RS30 (BOM P7733205M)
    RS30 (BOM: P7733205M)
    RS40 (BOM P7669508M)
    RS40 (BOM: P7669508M)
    RS40 (BOM P7669519M)
    RS40 (BOM: P7669519M)
    RS40 (BOM P7733206M)
    RS40 (BOM: P7733206M)
    RS40 (BOM P7766504M)
    RS40 (BOM: P7766504M)
    RS414T (BOM P7769501M)
    RS414T (BOM: P7769501M)
    RS457P (BOM P7769502M)
    RS457P (BOM: P7769502M)
    RS470 (BOM: P7769503M)
    RS471P (BOM P7769509M)
    RS471P (BOM: P7769509M)
    RS50 (BOM: P7669517M)
    RS50 (BOM: P7733207M)
    RS50 (BOM: P7766505M)
    RS520A1 (BOM: P7766612M)
    RS520A (BOM: P7766604M)
    RS520A (BOM: P7766607M)
    RS520 (BOM: P7701405M)
    RS520 (BOM: P7701407M)
    RS520 (BOM: P7766606M)
    RS520W1 (BOM: P7766613M)
    RS520W (BOM: P7766609M)
    RS55 (BOM: P7669507M)
    RS55 (BOM: P7669514M)
    RS55 (BOM: P7669516M)
    RS55 (BOM: P7669518M)
    RS55 (BOM: P7733208M)
    RS55 (BOM: P7766506M)
    RS560A1 (BOM: P7766614M)
    RS560A (BOM: P7766602M)
    RS560 (BOM: P7701406M)
    RS560 (BOM: P7701408M)
    RS560SS (BOM: P7836104M)
    RS560W (BOM: P7766610M)
    RS60 (BOM: P7733209M)
    RW320T (BOM P7766541M)
    RW320T (BOM: P7766541M)
    RW321T (BOM P1104405M)
    RW321T (BOM: P1104405M)
    WM612 (BOM P7733202M)
    WM614 (BOM P7733210M)
    WM614 (BOM P7766502M)
    WM614 (BOM: P7766502M)
    WM615 (BOM P7733204M)
    WM615 (BOM P7733211M)
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